Manuela Moskaljov – Vlaška Design Project

The design task is to design floor plans with furniture positioning for an apartment of about 60 square meters.

The apartment consists of an open space concept including kitchen, dining room and living room, a bedroom, bathroom and entrance hall. In the apartment, we encountered a fully equipped bathroom (with new bathroom fixtures, bathroom elements, flooring and wall panelling), a new and equipped kitchen with an island with integrated semi-bar seating, and storage capacities / closets extended floor to ceiling in the entrance part towards the bedroom. Our job is to design the dining room, living room and bedroom. It is necessary to integrate functional and interesting carpentry solutions and pieces of furniture into these spaces, which will increase the apartment’s storage and seating capacities. All design solutions are designed taking into account the existing power outlets, installations and positions of lighting fixtures. The entire preliminary design combines industrial decorative elements, warm wood panelling, and cool and dark colours with parts highlighted with intense colours.

Client: Manuela Moskaljov

Category: Dizajn interijera