Središće Design Project

The project task is to design a functional design solution for the apartment that will make the space visually warmer, while still airy with uninterrupted flow.

The apartment is in a new building and large construction works are not required. It consists of an entrance hall, a large “open space” concept (kitchen and living room), pantry, small and large bathrooms, two bedrooms and a balcony. We left the smaller bedroom out of the design because the client did not decide on its current use. The goal is to organize the space well using creative and innovative carpentry solutions. According to the client’s wishes, we use dark colours that we tone down and open up by adding light shades of white, beige and grey, while focusing on warm materials such as wood, textiles, leather and plants. Industrial monochromatic and contrasting details complement the interior design experience, and the rest of the decor (curtains, carpets, wall decor, paintings, etc.) personalize the space as a whole.

Category: Dizajn interijera