Price list


  • Site visit – inspection of the existing/found state
  • Defining the design task – problem and solution analysis for the space and its functionality
  • Documenting the found state, taking measurements and photographs of the space
  • Analysis and function of the building
  • Preparing a draft in case the building layout does not exist; manual drawing of the layout
  • Initial meeting and defining needs for a specific type of service in interior design
  • Written record of the design task


For the city of Zagreb, the price is HRK 450.00; for the Zagreb County, additional HRK 200.00 is added to the fee; while for the rest of Croatia, we charge additional
travel costs based on actual costs (tolls, fuel costs, ferry transport, etc.)


  • Preparing a technical layout plan of the existing space state
  • Preparing a technical layout plan of the existing space state with construction solutions for the demolition of walls and construction of new walls
  • Preparing 2-3 versions of the basic spatial and design solution with the offer of furniture and necessary equipment (furniture and equipment dimensioned in the plan). It is also possible to
    integrate proposed lighting fixture distribution in the selected layout
  • Basic spatial and design solution for the flooring layout
  • Proposal for wall and ceiling design
  • Preparing a style chart, i.e. a presentation folder with inspirational photos and visuals depicting the design style and colour scheme
  • Contractor contacts


40 HRK/m2 – spaces up to 30m2
60 HRK/m2 – spaces up to 60m2
80 HRK/m2 – spaces from 60m2




  • Layout of the found/existing state (or as-built state)
  • 2 to 3 versions of the preliminary floor plan with furniture layout (with precisely specified dimensions of furniture and joinery elements)
  • Elaboration of each spatial part for which the client feels that consultations with and assistance of the interior designer are needed. This includes several characteristic views (e.g. bedroom,
    kitchen, bathroom, terrace, living room), i.e. several possible preliminary joinery or ready-made solutions (for cabinets, solutions for above and next to the bed, kitchen elements, shelves, TV elements, bathroom elements, etc.), which will provide the client with a better insight into the layout solutions (considering that the dimensions of height, width and length of
    the elements are also provided).
  • In addition to providing views, we also provide a detailed narrative of conceptual solutions and furniture arrangement for each of the rooms. In addition to the narratives and the views, we prepare a small mood board or inspirational folder with pictures for each room. These photos serve to show us whether we are moving in the right direction with regard to the aesthetics and style preferred by the client.


  • Detailed elaboration of the selected preliminary design
  • The selected layout is then further elaborated in a 3D model to provide the client with a realistic impression of the space, i.e. how the finished project will look like (this part also includes realistic and raw versions of 3D space representation). Each of the rooms is elaborated separately and in detail
  • Depending on the room function, we prepare joinery and technical solutions (photos, client’s 3D model with descriptions, selection of materials, description of functions, types of door furniture and specified descriptions of their opening). When custom-made furniture is required, we request 2-3 offers for custom-made woodwork (from our familiar and regular carpenters). If clients agree to the offer and the price, we can then continue with the construction of custom-made furniture.
  • Selection of flooring and wall panelling for each of the rooms with the choice of colours, furniture and decorations – we immediately suggest a selection of products incorporated into the design and suppliers from whom to get the products (list of furniture, equipment, materials, lighting…)
  • Furnishing bill of quantities + we forward the list of suppliers relevant for the project (furniture and equipment supplier contacts, catalogues or tables, contact addresses, web-addresses
    or telephone numbers) if you wish to go through the construction part of the project independently
  • Preliminary design and positioning of the main lighting fixtures per room, list of electronic devices and water supply positioning (this is not a design of electrical and water supply installations, but such a design can certainly be further developed based on it in the construction part of the design)

PRICE: 200 HRK/m2



Full project elaboration or preparation of technical documents needed for the execution of works, organisation and implementation of construction phases:

  • Detailed design for the construction of foreseen and required works based on the final preliminary design (design of demolition and construction of new walls, flooring or ceilings, conceptual arrangement of lighting, water and electricity, drawings of carpentry and other required works except for installation designs made by civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, etc., which we charge separately. In addition to interior designers, the Happy Habitat’s team also features a Civil Engineer and an external Certified Architect.
  • Plans of positioning of flooring and wall panelling (layout plan for parquet flooring and ceramic tiles in bathroom and kitchen)
  • Preparation of detailed workshop plans for the construction of individual pieces of furniture; kitchen, wardrobe, etc. (All custom-made furniture; detailed and elaborate construction instructions for the carpenter)
  • Selection of furniture and equipment (collected catalogues, collection and forwarding of offers, going shopping with the client);
  • Budget monitoring and constant updating of the bill of quantities;
  • Selection of bathroom fixtures (collecting, forwarding offers, going shopping with the client);
  • Selection of decorations (wallpaper, curtains, decorations – collecting, forwarding offers, going shopping with the client);
  • Taking care of all offers and payments and the entire delivery and installation;
  • Work monitoring

As needed by the client, we go shopping together – consultations and trips arein that case charged 250 HRK/h.

PRICE: 220 HRK/m2


  • The second and third phases of project implementation and finalisation are closely linked. We are tasked with making sure that the project execution goes in accordance with the initial plan.
  • Supervision of interior works once they start is provided. We plan and organize the work process, i.e. the execution of works on the project by organizing shopping, providing consulting on the selection of materials and services, monitoring contractors, coordinating them, defining priorities and work schedule, taking care of planned spending and costs, and providing daily information on implementation phases.

PRICE: 250 HRK/m2 or 3500 HRK/month



  • Consulting designer services may be performed online (by email, phone) or on site
  • These include consulting on the choice of colours, stylistic upgrades, required furniture and equipment, conceptual solutions for the placement of interior inventory, analysis of the existing state of the space, proposal of possible solutions on the spot, etc.

PRICE: 250 HRK/h

Additional HRK 100.00 is charged for a site visit in the City of Zagreb, HRK 200,00 is added for the Zagreb County, while for the rest of Croatia, we charge based on actual costs (tolls, fuel costs, ferry transport, etc.)



PRICE: 250 HRK/h

Consulting during shopping and shopping with the client is charged from the moment of leaving for the appointment, i.e. from the beginning of the trip to a site or supplier’s premises plus the time spent with the client!

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