Dubrava Design project

One of our favourite commercial design adventures! This project task was to design and execute a full renovation of an outdated nail equipment store.

The space needed to be fully adapted to people who work there and clients that come and buy the equipment. Our main guideline during the design and execution process was to integrate as many functional storage solutions as we can (cause every product or a line of products needed to be separated), everything needed to be customised and made to measure! We decided to use a lot of pull-out solutions when placing the nail polish and nail gel equipment (pull out shelves), to make a big showcase carpentry cabinet with a plexiglass see-through top for all of the nail’s deco materials (glitters, stichers etc.) that is going to be placed in a middle of a store and to hang all of the nail tool equipment on a perforated wall with racks. That way, the workers can easily restock everything and clients can see and take anything they like or need easily! The entire preliminary design concept combines colourful and girly pink decorative elements (in several shades of pink), elegant accent gold pieces (in lighting and decorations, and a lot of monochromatic white modern pieces that make the aesthetics and a functional base of the whole design concept. We upgraded the interior with a lots of ambiental led lighting integrated into carpentry and unique and interesting spotlight! The brand visibility (Jana nails) and logo was also incorporated into the interior design solution.

Category: Interior design