Complete adaptation of the interior of the apartment in the city center

A full adaptation of an apartment in the Zagreb city centre for future short-term rental. Due to historical events, different social classes occupying the apartment throughout the years and servants’ comings and goings, in this typical urban apartment in an apartment building from the early 20th century with many interconnecting rooms, we found 3 different floor levels, i.e. the floors in the living room, bathroom and the entrance hall were of different heights. After considering several ideas, we decided on a constructive solution which included tearing down partition walls, opening up the living room and fully rearranging the layout by “replacing” the entry to the bathroom and the apartment entrance and ended up getting an airy space consisting of a bedroom, a large living room with dining room and open space kitchen, a work area integrated in a romantic space by the window, a large bathroom and a spacious hallway. The renovation enabled us to get a few extra functional square meters. The apartment was envisioned as an apartment for rent in the city centre and the limited budget was mainly spent on construction works so for the finishing design, we had to manage with buying low budget furniture and making use of the old, but still well preserved details. The space was refined using soft elements such as table and floor lamps, pillows, curtains and carpets, while using colours from the mood board from the beginning of this tale, we connected all the rooms in the apartment. Using grey, considered “the little black dress” of interior design, and white with the addition of wood and green plants, we enriched this wonderful downtown space.

Client: City centre apartment, Zagreb

Category: Interior design

Year: 2018

Project: Full adaptation with interior design of a city centre apartment