Renovation of an apartment for a young man

A renovation of approx. 50m 2 apartment for a young New Zealander on the wonderful island of Brač. This project has a beautiful background story; a grandfather hired Happy Habitat as a surprise gift on a full renovation summer apartment turnkey project. We redecorated the apartment for a young man (26) living in New Zealand who spends a lot of time at his computer (even when on a short holiday), loves animals, beer and coffee, does no cooking himself but tends to reheat food 🙂 Take a look at our photos and try to find our young client’s personality traits and details telling his personal story. We did a full makeover of this apartment. Everything we found in the apartment was either painted over, moved or replaced. We painted the walls, completely replaced the kitchen, adapted the bathroom by installing a new shower, changed the flooring and installed a new wooden floor and took care of the supply, transport and management of all participants in the interior design process, simultaneously making sure we stayed inside the budget, which our investors were happy about. We are immensely grateful for the trust awarded to us, to everyone involved in the process – from the construction company and carpenters to the wonderful investors!

Client: Supetar apartment, Island of Brač

Category: Interior design

Year: 2019

Project: Apartment renovation for a younger male