42m2 apartment interior design

Our task in this wonderful project was to turn a 42m 2 apartment into a harmonious, spacious and suitable home for a family of four on a limited budget. The apartment was empty and abandoned for 15 years so a major makeover was really necessary to turn it to a home. The investors’ wish was to open up the apartment, i.e. to make a common living room area as a central space, with a kitchen and an open plan dining room, while also accommodating two bedrooms – a children’s bedroom (for a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy) and a parents’ room, which required significant construction work. Major work included tearing down all the partition walls (except for one), resulting in an airy ambiance and better fluidity of the space. In addition to the above, the budget was also strained by the installation of new flooring and wall coverings as well as the replacement of all the installations and carpentry. The two separate rooms were the greatest challenge, but we found the solution in
the satinized (satinato) glass partition wall that enabled us to turn one larger room into two smaller ones. Apart from simultaneously being permeable to light and providing privacy, it is characterised by exceptional safety features and easy maintenance, making it an excellent choice for a children’s room “wall”. The sofa bed we placed in the living room means that the apartment can accommodate up to 6 people. The overall impression, exuding relaxation and comfort, is a result of a thought-out selection of colours, agreed upon with the investors, who wished for the interior of their home to blend in with the surroundings of this sunny neighbourhood overlooking the sea as well as with typical vistas of Split and the Mediterranean. White, grey and blue function here as an equivalent of the shades of rocks, the sea and the sky, contrasting the warmth of the rustic oak hardwood floor. The really exciting part for us, from a practical point of view, was the plenitude of storage space – a characteristic not very typical for small apartments – enabled by built-in closets covering the walls, blending in with the surroundings thanks to their white doors. That enabled us to safely store all those small and slightly bigger items that often give us grief by impairing the overall aesthetic impression and making us trip over them. A vacuum cleaner, brooms and iron boards are just some of your typical daily use products successfully hidden away in the closets and smaller storage areas skilfully used for this purpose, such as a bench between the couch and the wall, where numerous necessary items are stored beneath a decorative shelf. A simple design emphasising convenience, a fluid space and harmonious decor proved to be the key for a small happy habitat tailored to a family’s needs.

Client: Meje apartment, Split

Category: Interior design

Year: 2018

Project: Interior design of a 42m 2 apartment