Kvatrić Design Project (apartment for rent)

The design task is primarily to design a functional and visually defined preliminary design solution for an approx. 60 m2 apartment for rent.

We will keep the existing kitchen equipment, sleeping area furniture (bed, two bedside cabinets, wardrobe), closets in the hallway and bathroom equipment in the apartment. The existing furniture needs to be upgraded and additionally accented with decorations and colourful details. We also need to position the sofa, the accompanying elements such as the coffee table and several additional seats in the form of stools or armchairs and a TV element. The dining room design plans for a table with 4 seats and additional storage space. On the balcony, which is reached from the dining area, it is necessary to incorporate a small seating area with one table and two chairs. The entire ambience will be completed with garden decor.  All basic furniture should keep the neutral tones of white, grey, black and the overall concept will be completed with decorative items (lighting, kitchen and bathroom small decorative elements, wall frames and paintings, bedding, pillows, curtains, etc.). Given the predominant colours in the apartment and neutral pieces of furniture, the rest of the concept needs to add warm, calm and earthy tones.

Category: Interior Design