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Are you thinking about a change or New Year’s resolutions? Start with the physical and energetic cleanse of your home applying Feng Shui Principles and feel the incredible influx of good energy and positive mood!

The best time to cleanse your home or a business space from the old and stale energy that has been depositing in space over time.

To make it easier to start new, fresh beginnings, most importantly you need to release old habits and patterns that were of no use to you and blocked you from creating something better. The best thing you can do is to release mentally everything you want to get rid of. Discarding redundant things and thoroughly cleaning up the space symbolizes a new beginning, allowing you to change your life, meet new people, and take advantage of the opportunities offered to you. When we “restart” our home, office, any space, we return it to the “factory” settings and thus giving the opportunity to facilitate the launch of new energies and things in the lives of people living or staying in that space.




Ideally cleansing is done once a year, but the best time is after each illness, bigger dispute, death of a family member, loss of job etc. Otherwise, the best time is the beginning of the year, but whenever you feel it is needed, it’s right and you can not go wrong. It is not recommended to do the cleansing while the woman is pregnant and after childbirth. One should wait for a month (postpartum period) as this is how long it’s needed for the new energy be rooted.

If you have so far not been cleansing the space in which you live or spend a lot of time, there is a possibility that things will happen faster, and some relationships will end. It will simply give way to the new energy, ultimately the one that works in your favour, for your greatest benefit. Relationships (partnership, business, friendly) are changing because when we energetically clean the space, new people start coming into our lives, we create new events,thus leaving old and unnecessary.



The list is lengthy, but in one word of stagnant negative energy. These include physical illnesses, disputes, divorces, bankruptcies, depressions (psychic), the energies of former tenants, invisible energies that have a strong influence on life. Physical cleaning involves vacuuming, dusting, throwing unnecessary items (or giving or selling) and thorough cleaning of the entire space.

When you start with the physical and energetic cleansing, you will automatically feel the healing process has already started, as all is imbued with new energy that gives new strength, creativity and zest. If it’s home cleansing, it’s a good idea to have all members of the household involved, since the process itself will bring the best for each and every one. The cleansing process itself will surely look strange and unusual because we are not accustomed to such actions. The result in the form of serenity, relaxation and positive energy will annul possible negative emotions from the start.

We live in a society where we intuitively no longer perform actions that were part of the lives of our ancestors, our old ones … We do not wonder why the bells ring in the church (ringing mixes the energy and the vibrations cleanse the space), why the church is bathed with incense (also cleansing space), why we light candles in the cemetery, why we give bouquets of live flowers … Aborigines knew, felt where to lie in the nature, where to light the fire, which herbs to put on their body for healing, how to help themselves and others by singing and playing instruments… Shamanic rituals are known to most… These are just a few examples of what we do not reconsider, but we have accepted as a part of social teachings, perhaps even conditionality. Common sense dictates that vibrations (playing with sound) and smells can contribute to the sense of “pleasure” in a space.



For the process itself you need: a scented stick (or a combination of essential oils if you do not like sticks), candles, fresh flowers, sea salt, a figure of a Saint that you like, some cooked food (most practical is rice), metal bell, drum or some type of percussion or a gong. Feel free to improvise. It’s important to produce vibration, sound. For a smaller apartment about 1.5 hour is enough, but if all together seems too much for you or you do not want to do the process yourself, ask for an expert Feng Shui consultant who will do the cleansing for you.



Put in every room a lit candle (not in the draft), a little plate with food, one fresh flower, sea salt, and a piece of paper on which you have written down your wishes and desires as well as from the other household members. Take a deep breath and exhale, calm down your thoughts and ask the cosmic helpers of the energy of light and love to help you heal the space. Navigate around the house in a clockwise direction, starting from the front door, hitting the drum (or whatever you have for this purpose) near the surface of walls as if you wanted to delete, remove a layer of negative sediment from them by using the sound. Then repeat the same process with the gong, then with the bell (depending on what you have available). You can improvise with a wooden spoon, a plastic bowl, toys etc. In the end, gently pass the scented stick near the walls, as if you were gently washing them. After cleansing all areas of your home or space you are cleansing, go back to the initial place where you started the process and thank the helpers of the cosmic energy of light and love. Leave the candles to burn out but be sure to turn them off if you are leave the space. Take a shower, wash your hair, refresh, change into new clothes, remove from every room elements that you used for cleansing (food, flowers) and throw them in the garbage outside of the apartment. You can keep the paper with your wishes. You have succeeded in changing the space energy – giving the opportunity for the new – more beautiful, warmer, more positive one to enter. Like the sun after a powerful storm in the nature. Keep the salt in the pots for another 24 hours and then cast it off. Feel free to sprinkle essential oil on the salt for the wonderful scents to embellished the cleansing process.

Oils for energetic cleansing :

frankincense, sage, bay leaf, Atlas cedar, myrrh, cinnamon, clove, cypress, hyssop, pine, blueberry 


incense 3 + grapefruit 3 + basil 3
incense 7 + benzoin 2 + myrrh 1
sage 2 + myrtle 6 + hyssop 2
spikenard 3 + ginger 4 + vetiver 3
pine 5 + abies 3 + cypress 2
clove 3 + black pepper 3 + cinnamon 4
lemon 3 + orange 3 + grapefruit 4
coriander 5 + fennel2 + dill 2
sage 2 + cedar 6 + juniper 2
rose 6 + jasmine 2 + teil flower 2
cinnamon 1 drop + clove 1 drop + lemon 2 drops

Application of essential oils in cleansing:

Pour a few drops of the mixture onto coarse sea salt and leave a few hours/days to work, use if you own aroma lamp or aroma diffuser.


If you feel better after a few hours, you have more energy, the process was successful. If you do not feel any change even after seven days, the process should be repeated with a clear intention (the most important for the process – what you want the process to deliver as a result) and a positive attitude.

The purpose of cleansing is to awaken what we want to change and to create opportunities which will lead us toward the goals that will bring peace, goodness, joy and ease into our hearts. Use it anytime, at any hour, whenever you feel you need a change.

Nomads simply move on when its enough. We’re not so mobile. Since we can not just go in search of a new place, with new energy that suits us, why don’t we change the energy of the place where we stay?

For the curious souls, look for a variety of cleansing methods on the Internet. Let the right one speak to you!

Happy cleansing!

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