Task: conceptual design/project of the stand at the fair, which consists of the storage and the open space which acts as a restaurant

On a 6×4 meter surface we placed a 3 meter long and 60 cm wide storage and in front of the storage, a bar. The bar has a 47 cm deep worktop and the entire length of the shelf with 35 cm depth which hides the entire worktop. The worktop is at the height of 82 cm and the highest point of the bar is 106cm. It was created with an octanorm system but has a reinforced front with forex.

Marketing, I.e. communication with the audience, is accomplished in the form of banners with restaurant motifs on the entire surface of the storage, on both sides. The bar is dressed in imitation of brick with industrial design metal inscription. Tables and chairs are folding, wooden with metal details and the impression of nautical tavern was created with details such as jars with herbs, decoration anchors, ropes and wooden boxes.

Client: International charter expo

Category: Interior design

Year: 2017

Project: For the arrangement of the stand at the ICE (International charter expo) business fair in Zagreb, an area of 24,00m2 for the tavern “Vidrovača”