Interior design of a motor boat

The brand new Merry Fisher 795 motor boat needed to be personalised for charter guests and made comfortable, functional and romantic by adding some details, a pinch of colour and plenty of love for interior design. For this beauty, we picked the bedding matching the rest of the colours and materials represented in the vessel (in this case, the colours were grey, white and anthracite, and materials were wood and inox). The so-called cockpit was brought to life with decorative pillows, which are an outdoor characteristic, a nautical pattern mat separating the “outer” part of the vessel from the more intimate interior space, and a shoe storage space, giving this little beauty the vibe of a mega luxury yacht. For chilli summer nights, we chose blankets and covers in colours matching the world of sailing. We also made sure to get matching laundry clips and corresponding storage boxes (always keeping in mind that functionality is the imperative in design). We fully equipped the kitchen with nautical, slip resistant and decorative kitchenware and we also made sure to get wine glasses and a closed nautical ashtray. In the bathroom, we added soft matching colour towels and a hanging mirror, since the small area did not allow for a standard mirror. To the satisfaction of guests, we added an e-scooter, a gorgeous Lotus standalone grill and a beautiful tablet with Netflix for entertainment options during rainy days spent moored in a cove. To ensure romantic moments, we chose secure candle holders and beautiful champagne glasses for boats… We just love the art of

Client: Motor Boat, Merry Fisher 795

Category: Interior design

Year: 2019

Project: Motor boat interior design